Wow, i was tired of paying $54.99 a month for my home alarm that half the time i didnt even turn on for fear of having a false alarm and a fine from the Warwick Police Department of $50. I talked to friends who were paying $30, $40, and $60 a month for their home alarm and I wanted a better system at a more affordable lower cost and found a breath of fresh air with AAA Alarms in West Warwick. The system I purchased was professionally installed by AAA Alarms service technicians and is maintained by them for a low monthly fee of $9.99! Yes you are reading correctly! I get instantaneous notification of any alarms at my home on my smartphone, and I can disarm it if its a false alarm or my plumber needs to go in when im at work. I can view live video to see what is happening and make a determination as to the reason for the alarm. Or simply disarm if its my cat setting off the motion sensor. Love my system and the peace of mind I get having AAA Alarms as a partner to help protect my home when I'm away! Highly recommend as they have the lowest monthly fee and the best local service available here in Rhode Island and Massachusetts