For six months, someone had been vandalizing my car in my driveway! Not once, but three seperate occasions. I had my tire cut, my car fenders keyed, and tail light smashed. I had had enough! I decided to put some kind of security camera that would record the culprits, without breaking the bank. Luckily i contacted AAA Alarms, as they had the most cost effective camera option for my driveway. The camera installed has a wide angle view, can see at night, can record anyone or anything coming near my car, while ignoring cars driving by. I can review the video motion alarm clips anytime and from anywhere. I can watch the driveway camera from work on my smartphone or on computer at home. AAA Alarms came to my house, helped me figure out where to place the camera, lighting, etc, and gave me the price, which i was very happy with! They followed up with an installation where the technician was very professional and configured the camera for me on my computer and iphone so i can watch it and playback recorded motion activated video from anywhere! I love it, and have had no further incidents since the camera went in. I think me telling my neighbors about it had the word around. Highly recommend AAA Alarms!