Electronic Door Access Control

Whether you own a small business or are tasked with managing a large company in the New England area, you can benefit from the access control services we provide.

Improve Security from Outside and Within your Facility

At AAA Alarms And Fire Protection, we recognize the importance of monitoring and limiting access to your facility. Whether you’re looking to protect expensive equipment, rare inventory, or critical company files and data, our access control services are designed to keep non-authorized parties away.

Keyless Entry Via Fob, Card or Smartphone

  • Card, keyfob, Keypad, Badges Access and MOBILE PASS!
  • RFID
  • Proximity
  • Weigand
  • Biometrics
    • Fingerprint
    • Iris Scan
    • Retina Scan
    • Facial Recognition

Collect Actionable Data

Reports can be created based on a set of parameters defined by the person managing the access control system

 Some of these parameters can include:

  • Specific types of transactions
  • Specific ranges of time
  • Specific ranges of dates
  • Specific doors
  • Specific access cards

Quality Service

Our security service professionals are committed to providing the excellent service you deserve. No matter the scope of the job at hand, we’re up to the challenge and ready to use every tool in our arsenal to serve your needs. And when you choose AAA Alarms And Fire Protection, you can benefit from our:

Automatic Door Locking/Unlocking on Schedules

Tired of running around unlocking and locking doors beginning of day/end of day or worse, forgetting to?  Time to let our system do it for you more accurately and more securely.

Report Generation

Customizable reports to show administrators the data about employee movement based on time, door location, user, and many other combinations.

Remote Control via Smartphone

  • Enter properties and buildings with just a click
  • Avoid loss of keycards or rekeying
  • Enhance user experience
  • Use one pass for multiple facilities
  • Customize views to the most used doors

Mobile Pass for Administrators

  • Manage access from anywhere, at anytime
  • View door activity and video footage
  • Change user rights quickly
  • Unlock doors remotely, even for temp passes
  • Add new users by using your phone’s camera

System Components

  • Cards, Fobs, Fingerprints, Eyes, Facial
  • Readers for the above technology deployed
  • Electric Door Lock Hardware (offering Wireless door hardware technology)
  • Access Control Field Panels (Data collection)
  • Access Control Server- Cloud based or in house server.

Common Applications

  • Control Employee flow into Facility and within Facility restricted areas based on time schedules (shifts) or authorization level
  • Eliminate Keys and re-keying of doors upon Employee termination
  • Door prop alarm’s
  • Door held open too long notification
  • Door’s forced open alarm

Things We Do:

  • New System Installation
  • Existing System Service, Repairs & Maintenance
  • Full Service Contracts on New & Existing Systems available
  • Software Updates
  • System Replacements
  • System Conversions (Analog to Network IP or Cloud Based). We work with you existing wiring, power supplies and door hardware
  • Integrate with High Security Systems: Require Iris presentation to disarm alarm instead of easily stolen PIN that most Burglar alarms require.

"AAA repaired our outdated system, updated our software, gave us remote access via smartphone, for a price that was less than adding a single door with our old provider!"

– John S.

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