Surveillance Cameras


Strong deterrence, improved vision and unlimited flexibility are just the beginning of a AAA Alarms Surveillance System.

Keeping an Eye on Your business:

  • High Definition Upgrades
  • IP Network Cameras
  • Network and Digital Video Recording
  • Remote Viewing on Smart Device, Home TV, Office Computer
  • Motion Alert activiation using analytics (send alert to your smart device, Guard, or to our 24 HR Central Monitoring Station)
  • AAA Alarms is able to cost effectively install the latest technology Surveillance Cameras utilizing your existing infrastructure/cabling including:
    • Corporate Network
    • Existing (Old Coax)
    • Wireless

24/7/365 Cameras Never Sleep so You Can.

The powerful impact of video surveillance, enhanced by technological leaps in image quality and retention, has transformed it into a central function of almost every security system.  AAA Alarms has designed, engineered, and managed some of the most sophisticated video installations in the nation, covering more than 10 million square feet of space.

Remote Viewing From Anywhere

Thanks to the internet and Smartphone devices, you can now make being away from the Office a little easier.  Not only will your AAA Alarm surveillance system be recording all motion, but you can receive alerts on your smart phone directly from your Cameras upon the sensing of an event such as: Line Crossing, Person entering an area, Vehicle entering an area.  Simply press a button and your watching your facility live.

Enhanced Security for Your Operation

Today’s technology makes it possible to more accurately monitor your business whether you’re at home, at the office, or away on vacation. At AAA Alarms And Fire Protection, we want to show you how to amplify your business security plan through a proper surveillance system. Our goal is to be the security video company that you can depend on for honest advice and information.

Digital Recording

All systems we design and install include robust image storage capacity, no matter what level of quality imaging you require

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. Our camera installations are also designed to capture images that are useful and compelling as post-event evidence.  Cloud based video storage available.

Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing on Smart Device, Home TV, Office Computer

Alarm Verification

Our system can, if you choose, also tie into our Central Monitoring system, staffed by professionals trained to meet your unique surveillance needs.

Productivity Improvement

  • Gain better insights into your business and operations
  • Protect Employee Safety
  • Employee Accountability and productivity Tracking
  • Track employee and visitor traffic
  • Measure open/close performance at multiple commercial and business locations

Situation Avoidance

Just the presence of Security Cameras are a deterrent, a highly beneficial reason.  No-one wants to be caught!  Criminals aren’t stupid, they can see if you have cameras.  Prevent false allegations in the workplace, from sexual harrassment claims, to slip and falls.



Cameras as Alert Notification

Sophisticated analytics (analysis of video camera images) now make it possible to use your video system as an alert notification system in the event of:

-Person Crossing a line or entering area

-Vehicle crossing a line or area

Sending of alerts via text messages or push notifications to your smart phone

Marketing Information Devices

  • People counting and traffic intelligence solutions
  • Analyze customer traffic and dwell times
  • Generate traffic heat maps and end cap analyses to spot trends in merchandising and display performance
  • Maximize the effectiveness of retail floor plans

Security Guard Replacement

Offering Remote Guard Tour from Central Station on scheduled basis, or based on triggered video detection event.  Call AAA Alarms today for a cost comparison/cost savings analysis by utilizing Remote Guard Tour technology.

Let you Imagination be your guide

With the available technology now available for security camera systems, together, with our business customers, we are discovering new uses for the available technology:

-Watching an equipment gauge on critical  machinery

-Early Fire Alarm notification via smoke/flame detection analytics

-Alarm Verification for Police Dispatch

Don’t Throw Out Your Coax!


  • We specialize in working with “what you have” to minimize upgrade cost.
  • Talk to us first for your upgrade needs
  • Work with IP Network Systems
  • High Definition Analog over coax
  • Hybrid and wireless camera systems

"Glad we brought in the experts at AAA Alarms! They were 50% less than the competition, and provided a much better product and service by utilizing more advanced technology than we knew existed"

– Mike N.

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