We run a chemical transfer facility that is on government terrorist target list, dispensing the likes of chlorine, acids and other dangerous chemicals. We receive chemicals in bulk via container ship, or trucking, off loading and storage at our facility and dispensing into customer sized containers for local distribution. Being a mostly outdoor operation, conventional alarm type systems would not be practical due to false alarm issues. We called upon the experts at AAA Alarms to design a system to monitor our facility. Since we are too small to support a 24hr security guard, we were counting on an electronic security solution from AAA. AAA Alarms designed a remotely Monitored Video Security system that THEY monitor from their Central monitoring station 24 HRs a DAY! The system consists of sophisticated outdoor and indoor high definition video cameras that automatically analyze movements to determine if it is human, crossing a perimeter in one direction, looks for regional intrusion from vehicles and persons and more. In addition to security alarms, the system also counts the number of vehicles and persons that enter / exit the facility, and provides for AAA central station to conduct periodic guard tours. We receive alarm video clips to our personnel smart phones at the same time AAA Central personnel are reviewing the alarm tripped video to determine if police presence should be requested based on live video feed. This service is invaluable and costs a fraction of 24hr on site security guards, and never falls asleep!