AAA Alarms recently upgraded our older security cameras that we could barely see a picture anymore. They were able to use existing wiring to minimize the upgrade cost, and we now have high definition color video cameras for our parking lot, that have "see in the dark" capability. Our picture quality and recording system is now very usable and finally provides real security for our office complex with multiple tenants. We can even zoom in and read license plates of cars to get to the bottom of problems. AAA Alarms service technicians are highly trained and very knowledgeable. They used our existing computer network for some cameras, saving on installation costs, and expanded our network using wireless technology and were able to install cameras in locations that dramatically enhanced our security and safety for our commercial tenants. They also installed an automatic door locking and unlocking systems, so we no longer need to pay for security guards to lock our doors at 11pm. Now our doors lock/unlock based on schedules that we in the property management office control. Great comprehensive security platform designed by sales experts at AAA Alarms!