My insurance company, Jewelers Mutual, recommended that I contact AAA Alarms as they meet the standards of high security line secure systems required by The Jewelery industry, manufacturers, retailers, etc. We have a large scale jewelry production facility in Attleboro, Ma, with gold and silver inventories that require vault protection and alarm certification from Underwriters Laboratories (UL). We had been with a large National provider ADT, (now Tyco) for many years and have watched the service degrade to the point of unacceptable. We decided to reach out to AAA Alarms and Fire Protection to have them access our present system and possible upgrades in accordance with UL standards. As it turns out, UL has a whole set of standards for alarm systems ranging from AA BB CC with varying extent levels of protection ranging from Level 1 (which is the highest used for 6 sided protection of a vault or safe), down to a level 4 which only requires moderate coverage such as partial motion detection and partial opening protection. Level 2 stockroom, is what we needed for our inventory of both raw and finished goods. This is a standard from UL that requires "4 step" motion detection. That means an intruder must be detected by the motion detection system within taking 4 steps EVERYWHERE in the area "certified" by AAA Alarms. AAA is authorized by UL to issue certificates that certify our system meets these specific standards, and it delineates on our certificate, exactly what we have for level of protection. This is how the insurance industry can verify it is a "good" alarm system and one that a jewelry facility needs given the high dollar value of gold silver etc. We also have a walk in modular vault, that is UL certified as "vault complete" level 1. This means that it has protection on all 6 sides. Even if someone tried to burrow up through the floor, would the AAA Alarm react. AAA meets the level 1 specification for our vault by using a sound system that detects any blows or drilling to the walls ceiling or floor of the vault. Additional sensors such as a heat sensor is installed on the vault door to protect against a blow torch or cutting tool, which would generate heat to trip the detector, and finally a door sensor to make certain the door is closed prior to arming. UL does not recognize motion sensors as valid protection devices in a vault or safe, as they are easily compromised by blocking them (inside job). Our premise is certified by AAA and UL as level 3 protection. This standard requires every door or window to have a sensor installed, and additionally, the longest dimension of the room needs volumetric protection (motion), a long with a few other details. AAA's experienced team of sales, installation and service is the one to call upon if you need a UL certified alarm as they know these systems!