AAA Alarms via there low voltage licensed technicians, installs state of the art seamless Wi Fi, Wireless Internet backbone systems to attach to your existing corporate or large scale residential home network.  Tired of machinery, printers, laptops and employee cell phones dropping your “wi fi” system?  Let AAA show you how their engineered Wi Fi Managed Platform allows for true Roaming around your facility, from department to department, floor to floor, building to building, without dropping your connection.   Learn how the AAA “Unifi” platform increases  wireless bandwith and speed over “Off the shelf” wi fi routers you may currently be using.   Let AAA speed up your operation.  With a properly design, installed and serviced/upgraded Wi Fi Wireless Internet system, your operation can now expanded effortlessly without regard to constantly cabling machines and computers to keep connectivity, even though your operation demands portability and flexibility.  Learn how the AAA wifi system increases the traffic capacity and device capacity of your corporate network in a scaleable fashion.